February 26, 2012

Another Girls' Day :: Part One

Yesterday, the girls came for our first post-wedding craft day.  I was in charge of the ideas and, knowing these three, cupcakes were definitely a must.

We used our favorite recipes for the cake and icing, and then we tried something new.  Fresh out of the oven, each cupcake was scored with an "X" and a truffle was inserted into the center. There were lots of oohs and aahs as we waited to see just how much melting would occur.  After a bit of taste testing the consensus was that this truffle thing is a very good idea.

It brings me joy to watch these girls experiment and gain confidence in their creativity.  We tried different decorating tips and colors of frosting and then we played with packaging. Because, you know, sharing cupcakes is fun :: almost as fun as eating them.

I ordered super-cute baking supplies from Nashville Wraps - single cupcake boxes and some that hold four.   Inserts help to keep everything in place (ordered separately) and polka-dot ribbon was the icing on the cake cupcake.  


And just for fun, we made stickers to fancy up the boxes.  These were created using glossy white round labels from Avery, and their free, easy-to-use template designer.  I purchased the labels from our local Staples and received a mail-in rebate discount.

There's something wonderful about spending the day with a group of girls.  It's like a breath of fresh air to see the sharing and support that occurs. Our day was filled with creativity and a few laughs too (notice the hair bow?).  Fun.  Really fun.

Come back soon for "Another Girls' Day :: Part Two".  I'll show you the other project we worked on yesterday.   It involved a beautiful collection of scrapbook paper and my first adventure with a bottle of Mod Podge.