February 20, 2012

Handy Men

girls with lots of ideas + boys with endless energy = successfully completed home decorating projects.

In 2009, over winter break, our son made shelves for either side of the fireplace in our kitchen eating area.  He was looking for something to do and I was dreaming of accessorizing.  

I barely finished my question, "Would you be interested in building some shelves?", and we were drawing designs and heading out for lumber. 

He immediately got to work cutting, measuring, and checking with me to make sure these shelves were being made to specification.  And they were.  Perfectly.

College resumed, time passed, and I dragged my feet on the finishing touches.  A few coats of paint and some special knobs were all that was standing in the way of completion. 

I've since painted the shelves and found some pretty little knobs. They're hung now, thanks to my two handy men, and I've been having fun accessorizing.  Nothing was purchased new for the accessorizing part of this project :: just a little re-staging of some well-loved things that were hanging around the house.  

one girl's idea + the work of two very energetic boys = a finished product that this girl dearly loves.