Born in December 2008, Lulabelle’s View began as an exercise in stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying something new.  Today, it’s a place near and dear to my heart.  Still very simple and always a work in progress, Lulabelle’s View  has evolved from a fun adventure to an integral part of my life.  

A Few Tidbits 

I’m quite certain I grew up in Beaver Cleaver’s household
My dad called me Lulabelle

I planned to have four children
But that didn’t happen and I got one phenomenal son instead
I fantasize about Fall being a year-round season
I used to wear my hair long
Now it’s super short and I wear big dangly earrings instead
I’d rather sit around a table with a few friends 
Than attend a party and mingle with a crowd
I am drained by incessant talking
And refueled by an afternoon in my sewing room
I married the most positive man on earth
Who turned out to be a pretty fantastic dad as well
I adore cupcakes and wedding cake
And most flavors of Hagen Daz and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
Sugar makes me unwell so I try not to eat too much of the above
I’m not always successful with that
Gardening in April, May and June is one of my joys
Gardening in July and August is not
I’ve been to Portland, Oregon once
I remind hubby regularly that I’d like to go to Portland, Oregon again
I never wore glasses until I entered my forties
Now there are readers in every room of the house
I smile when I see bright white puffy clouds against a deep blue sky
Or feel the warmth of a kitty sleeping on my lap
I love color, fiddling with my house, and trying new recipes
I also love going for walks and sitting on the patio with hubby (& coffee)
Smiling, laughing, thrift shopping, and reading cookbooks are good too
I aspire to learn more about photography
And to be more consistent about eating nourishing foods
I hope that reading this blog will sometimes make you smile
As much as writing it does for me
Introducing myself in real life makes me squirm 
Because I’m somewhat shy
But have learned to come out of my shell thanks to my outgoing friends
I’m much better at listening 
So please, leave a comment and tell me something about yourself

I’d like to get to know you too