February 18, 2010

Stop The Draft

We live in a Cape Cod style home with dormers and slanted ceilings. The upper level consists of two bedrooms, a bath, a rec room and some unfinished space behind closed doors. In the heart of winter when the winds are blustering, it gets a little drafty up there. Hubby's been placing folded towels under the doors :: functional but not working for this girl who's greatly affected by her surroundings. Last year I stumbled across this fabulous draft stopper tutorial and decided to make some of my own. Hubby promptly purchased the materials needed from the hardware store and I've been procrastinating ever since.
I've been working on them in snippets of time for the last couple of days. Two out of three are now complete - Yippee!! I followed the instructions with the exception of adding some pieced strips of coordinating fabric just for fun. It's essentially just a long bag that holds 2 pieces of plumber's insulation pipe. After inserting the pipe, the finished edge gets folded in and the whole thing slips right under the door.
You can see in the photo above that one foam pipe is on the inside and one is on the outside.
The door opens and closes easily and the draft stopper stays right in place.
This was such an easy, fun project to make. I'm not quite sure why I put it off for so long.
All of the fabric came from my stash. I purchased two yards of the brown floral with the intention of making a summer skirt. It's O.K. to match your draft stoppers, isn't it?
**A link to the instructions has been added to my sidebar under Awesome Tutorials**


  1. This is fantastic! I've never seen a draft stopper like this...but it makes so much sense. The regular kind is just obnoxious to keep in place if its a door often used. This is definitely making it onto my "must make" list.
    By the way...your floors are simply gorgeous!!!

  2. This makes me sorry I bought a plain brown one at the grocery store just like this one (in function, not in beauty). I will have to try this!

  3. my to do list today for sure. Have one for an interior door that I purchased to try out. Works great so now one for exterior door. Looks very snappy!


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