February 17, 2010


I've been hibernating. It's cold and windy outside. I'm on vacation this week. The wind is blowing snow drifts across the driveway. No motivation to clear said drifts......until now. I'm expecting a delivery tomorrow (fabric!!). Better make sure the UPS man can get up the driveway. Bundle up with toasty warm knitted scarf and head outside. Shovel and scrape for two hours until wimpy wrists are in pain from repetitive motion. Walk around back to see if garden and patio furniture are emerging yet. Nope, not yet. Pack up the snow removal tools feeling confident that the UPS truck will, in fact, be able to deliver my package tomorrow. Continue working on a quick little project I've been meaning to make for a year.
:: Priorities ::

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  1. the scarf and the fabric are GORGEOUS. Thank you for your sweet comment too. :)


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