February 15, 2010


With our wedding anniversary and Valentine's Day just twelve days apart, thoughts of love have definitely been swirling around here. I took a deep breath and forged ahead with "un-preserving" my wedding gown that's been on a basement shelf for the last twenty years. This is a very special dress. It represents a fresh start for a twenty-six-year-old girl and her three-year-old son. It also represents a commitment from a twenty-nine year old man :: a commitment that came with some unique, and sometimes challenging, responsibilities. We were engaged on Christmas Day in 1989 and planned our February 2nd wedding in one month's time. It was a very small wedding with family and our closest friends. The moment I saw this dress in our small local bridal shop I knew it was "the one". It cost more than a young single mom could really afford, but I had a little money tucked away. The sales team jumped through hoops to have it ordered, delivered, and fitted in the small window of time before our wedding day. It was made by Christos, in a beautiful soft antique peach raw silk. It was the first and last dress I tried on that day.
I'm not sure what the future holds for my gown. For now, it's hanging in my sewing room and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I don't have a daughter, and I'm certainly not entertaining the thought of selling it. I mentioned to my mom that I was thinking of making it into an heirloom quilt. She gasped. Hmmm....I'm pondering the possibilities.