July 14, 2012

Kitchen Cleanup

I finally got around to cleaning up these mason jars.  Found at a yard sale last Fall, they've been sitting in our garage just waiting for a little tender loving care.  There are twenty total and they'll be spending their new life holding all sorts of real food :: grains and beans and such.

Last week I focused on cleaning out the fridge and pantry.  How does one end up with such a collection of condiment jars and bottles of this and that?  Oh my.  It's 2012 isn't it?  That's not what some of those containers said.  

We're still getting nice little harvests from our small strawberry patch. This is two days worth :: about a cup-and-a-half once they were sorted and sliced.

Blended with some homemade coconut milk and a banana, they turned into a dozen frozen pops.  I'm patiently waiting for a package to arrive. We'll have lots of fun experimenting with different flavors and keeping the freezer stocked with healthy treats.  Maybe next week.