July 16, 2012

Pretty Produce Bags

I like to find beauty in ordinary everyday things.  Sometimes it happens naturally and sometimes it take a little effort.

Effort, according to Webster, means a vigorous or determined attempt. That's very accurate here.  I made a vigorous and determined attempt to create something more beautiful than the plastic food storage bags I've been using.  

Liberty of London and linen make me smile, so why not use them everyday?  I've made three bags so far :: each a little different than the one before.  The sizing is just right but the construction's being fine tuned. No problem...I know I'll need at least a dozen of these.

To the farm they went on Saturday, filled with fresh produce and then tossed right into the fridge.  I love to see them whenever I open the door (crazy as that may sound).  It seems as though they're doing their job to absorb excess moisture and allow the contents to breathe.  Linen's nice like that.