June 15, 2011

The Garden Shed

The garden shed's received a bit of wear and tear in the past couple of months and it's in need of a good spring summer cleaning.  If you visited today you'd find spider webs and spotted windows, spilled potting soil and lots of empty containers.  But there's good reason for all this untidiness.  We've been doing lots of planting.  

On the front porch just as you reach the top step you'll find two pots :: one on either side.  Nestled in nice and tight are Caliente Deep Red Geranium, Bandana White Lantana, and Compact Dark Blue Calibrachoa.

We tried something new in the front window boxes this season and so far everything is behaving nicely.  

The center plant that's drooping over the front is Goldilocks Creeping Jenny.  Also in the container are the Dark Blue Calibrachoa (again), White Geranium (not sure of the exact name), and Tricolor Sage.

The sage needed a little grooming this morning so I snipped a few branches and brought them in the house.

While I was snapping photos, I took one of a recent thrift find.  These are all washed up and ready to gift to my new future daughter-in-law.  I checked with her first to make sure she liked them.  She likes them a lot.  Have I mentioned how much fun it'll be to have a girl in the family?

There are more pots to share but I'll save them for another day.  I'm off to the garden.  There's weeding to do.