June 17, 2011

Making Do

Do you know how frustrating, annoying and stressful it feels when something in your home just isn't working?  When you know there's a better way, but you keep living with the arrangement?  When every time you see the problem the dialogue in your head begins again, nagging you for not having taken action yet?

For me, it was books.  There were stacks of them everywhere.  I've been window shopping for bookcases for years and barrister style appeals to me in a big way.  I love how they're enclosed so dust is kept at a minimum.  I've passed many by when strolling through antique shops :: the price tag just hasn't fit the budget.  

We had two faux-oak bookcases from hubby's bachelor days sitting in the basement.   You know the kind :: dark and dreary and not very attractive.  They housed our old college texts and plenty of odds and ends.  I decided to make do with what we have so one of those old bookcases got a little face lift.  Nothing fancy, just a fresh coat of paint and a some elbow grease.

My books have a home now and piles by the nightstand are a thing of the past.   Everything has a place and this feels so comforting to me.  

I made do with what I had and didn't have to buy a thing.  An old piece of furniture, a can of paint, a collection of well-loved books, and some of my favorite thrifted accessories all came together quite nicely.

It's not exactly the look I'd been dreaming of for years but it's functional, it was free, and I think it's beginning to grow on me.  Yay for making do!

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