July 18, 2012

Out Back

There's a piece of land beyond our backyard that's owned by a neighbor but cared for by a farmer.  We watch from the picture window.  

It's all very interesting and new to us and makes for wonderful weekend conversation.  We speculate about what's being grown and get a kick out of watching the baler do it's thing.  I now know the difference between hay and straw.  Hay is grown for feeding purposes.  Straw is the by-product/stalk of a grain (barley, wheat, rye) crop, used for animal bedding and mulching.  It's what's left after the seed head has been harvested. Thank you Google.  I'm pretty sure those are bales of straw.

We walked down to the "farm", camera in hand, when hubby spotted the geese.  Soybeans are growing now and apparently geese like to eat them.  Perhaps these soybeans are of the non-GMO variety.  According to Jeffrey Smith, animals refuse to eat the GMO kind and so should we.