August 13, 2012

Everything Rosemary

We made some modifications to the quadrants in the Potager garden this weekend.  Hubby laid a row of bricks making the beds somewhat raised. He also added all kinds of good things to the soil so our fall-loving veggies will be happy and thrive.  

We cut back the rosemary that had overstepped it's bounds. There are two plants :: both overwintered from last year.  That's unusual in our neck of the woods and a first for us.  In an effort to make use of every snip I did some preservation experimenting.  There's rosemary drying in the sun on the deck, in the dehydrator, and hanging in bunches in a dark basement closet.  We're freezing some too.  Apparently frozen rosemary tastes almost just like fresh.  

The house smelled so heavenly from handling this gorgeous herb and I got a little carried away.  Not much was accomplished on my Saturday list.  It was an everything-rosemary day.

Ina's Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

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  1. I can relate to your love of rosemary. I fell in love with it's aromatic smell and flavor the first time I roasted a chicken for my husband after we got married.


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