August 16, 2012

Under the Deck

There's a concrete slab under the deck.  It's just large enough to hold some chairs and pots and give us a solid foundation to come and go through the back door.  We get nice filtered sunlight there which turns out to be perfect for growing lettuce.

Our nephew built us a salad table.  He has a love for woodworking and was looking for something to keep himself busy last summer.  It's made from two by fours, some reclaimed and others new.  

I got a little over zealous with the seeds and will definitely need to do some serious thinning.  My friend says it's best to snip rather than pull so as not to disturb the fragile seedlings that remain. That sounds like a very good idea.

Everything's starting to get true leaves and the Arugala already tastes so fresh and peppery.  I look forward to greeting the little plants each morning and can hardly wait to begin snipping for salads!

The best thing about this table is it keeps the bunnies away. Just be sure to move the bunny stepladder chair a safe distance away or the salad table becomes a salad bar.  We learned the hard way.  :)