January 19, 2011


A few months ago a friend requested cupcakes for her birthday.  Not just any old cupcakes :: these cupcakes.  I first tried the recipe over a year ago and it continues to be my all-time favorite.  It really is the perfect cupcake recipe.

I decided to try mini cakes and reduced the cooking time from eighteen minutes to thirteen.  Just right.  The buttercream icing is nothing short of perfection, but to appease those chocolate lovers among us I decided to make a second batch using this recipe.  Instead of milk I used half and half.  Yum.  This is the best chocolate buttercream ever.  If you're a die-hard cupcake eater these mini cakes could be considered bite-sized.  If you're dainty, it might take you two or three. 

These are, hands down, the best cupcakes I've ever had.  Thank you Recipe Girl.  I'll definitely be trying more of your creations real soon.

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