December 23, 2009

Snippets of a Snowy Day

Being snowed in certainly has it's advantages. I'm on the hunt for the perfect cupcake recipe and I've been wanting to try these for quite some time. They start with a box mix and then a bunch of other ingredients are added in. I loved the consistency :: substantial and moist. The frosting consistency was fantastic :: firm yet creamy, and very easy to pipe with a decorative tip. Hubby loved these cupcakes, especially the super sweet icing. I shared most of them with my coworkers (to keep my consumption to a minimum) and no one complained. Butterscotch liked them too. He knows he's not allowed on the counter, but he broke the rules and somehow managed to unwrap this cupcake. The verdict is that I really like this recipe, and will continue to tweak it until I end up with the cupcake of my dreams. I'll keep you posted.