December 24, 2009

Holiday Reality

This year our gifts are wrapped with brown paper. I decided to be resourceful and use what we have on hand. The roll of paper was purchased from Ikea years ago, and I have a closet full of rubber stamp supplies just waiting to be loved. The theme is reindeer and snowflakes. The snowflakes are stamped with white craft ink. The nice thing about the craft ink pad is that it has a richer pigment that gives you a much more pronounced white. The negative is that it takes much longer (like almost 24 hours) to dry than the dye-based ink. I did the stamping last weekend on our snowed-in day. Fun.
The reality is that I didn't finish the project so here's what two-thirds of our gifts look like:
And the other reality is that I won't be putting any of the gifts under the tree until it's time to open them because our kitties love to eat the curly ribbon. So, early this morning I plugged in the lights, put the gifts under the tree, and snapped some photos just for fun.
Wishing you a beautiful holiday. I'll be back in a few days to show you the one gift I made this year.