February 28, 2012

Another Girls' Day :: Part Two

The girls are teachers (one pre-K and two special education) so clipboards are quite popular in their working environment.  In addition to making cupcakes, we had lots of fun decorating with grosgrain ribbon, scrapbook paper, and Mod Podge.  

Hubby made templates for us so we could get right down to business.  He's nice like that.  No fiddling to make the paper fit around the clip :: just trace the handy template, cut it out, and glue.  

We had some difficulty with the Mod Podge causing wrinkles in our paper.  Some of us didn't let it bother us a bit, and others needed to take a deep breath and regroup.  In the end, all of the clipboards turned out beautifully...little wrinkles and all.  I'm new to Mod Podge.  Is wrinkling a common problem?

Time passed quickly (it always does on Girls' Day) and we have quite a few clipboards still waiting to be dressed.  I think I'll make a patchwork one, as described on Jane's Apron, and try sanding the edges like she does to achieve a more finished look.  Yes, a scrappy patchwork clipboard sounds like a very good idea.