September 15, 2009

Meal Planning Success

So far, our meal planning/prep for the week has worked out quite well. For dinner Sunday evening hubby cooked the Pan-Seared Sea Scallops. They were drizzled with sesame oil and sweet chili sauce before cooking, which gave them a nice crispy brown coating and a delicious flavor. We used one of our favorite dressings for this salad, and threw in some nuts, goat cheese, dried cherries and tomatoes. Yum. That's healthy, right? Yeah for us! Last night we had baked salmon and Wheatberry Salad from Heather's blog. I highly recommend the recipe :: it's full of crunchy goodness and very flavorful. Right now, there's a turkey breast slow cooking in the kitchen, and I'll use that for the Turkey and Corn Chowder w/Barley which we'll have for dinner tomorrow night. I'd like to say that having healthy, nutritious meals planned ahead of time keeps me from eating junk food, but hubby just handed me half of a Hershey bar and, unfortunately, I didn't refuse. My Naturopathic physician says to live by the 80/20 rule :: eat healthy eighty percent of the time and the other twenty percent can be a little more lax. I really, really like that rule.