September 18, 2009

All Work And No Play........

It's still dark outside this morning as I write this post. I don't have to run out the door first thing so I'm trying to make excellent use of my time. For some reason (perhaps it was the cup of pumpkin spice coffee consumed right before bed) I was wide awake and ready to go at 4:50, am that is, and the to-do list was swirling in my head. Turkey chowder cooked through the night and a wonderful, cozy, fall kind of smell fills the air. So, dinner is ready and I am in love with my crockpot. Friday is "change the sheets day" and they're in the dryer as we speak.
My three item per day quota of ironing is complete (and a mountain still exists).
But all work and no play isn't a good thing now is it? A log cabin block to break up the monotany seemed like the right thing to do. I make deals like that with myself. I know, it could possibly be considered a little, shall we say, "cuckoo". But it works for me. A few chores followed by a snippet of time in my sewing room and I'm ready to get back to work again.
You do that too, don't you?


  1. I absolutely do that...and I laugh and call myself cuckoo!!! Sometimes I even add things to my list that I've done but hadn't written down so I can cross them off and get sewing!!! Glad to know others do it too!

  2. ABSOLUTELY!! Every day! Doesn't everybody worked that way??!! :) Enjoy the weekend. Hopefully the pile of log cabins will be significantly larger than the ironing pile smaller :)

  3. Well, I think I'm in good company then. :)

    Hannah - hilarious how you write things down that you've already done so you can cross them off your list. I can totally relate to that - I'm a list person too.

    Annette - thanks for the log cabin encouragement. I'll need to make a whole lot of them to compete with that ironing pile.

    Happy Weekend to you both.


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