September 19, 2009

Home Away From Home

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by my mom and dad's house. I've been lucky enough, throughout my life, to never be farther than a thirty-minute drive from them. My parents home is the place where you know you don't have to call before you visit :: just show up and you feel as though they've been waiting for you. It's peaceful , and there's a pretty good chance that while you're there, you might run into another family member who's "just stopping by". While I was there, I took a few photos. Mom's been working on a quilt and I thought you might like to see.
Several months ago she fell in love with the fabric and designs by these two ladies. She purchased the pattern for 3 Brother's Farm and has been working away on it. She's very humble, and doesn't think she's very good at quilting, but she really is :: see for yourself. It's truly turning out beautifully.
Right now she's working on appliqueing the horses. There's two of them and they're fairly large. Here's some more of the fabric. It's sort of patriotic and folksy with an elegant feel, isn't it?
There's lots of detail on this quilt, and more appliqueing to be done. I think she's planning to hang the finished product in her dining room. Maybe she'll let me share again once it's completely finished.
While we were outside photographing the quilt, Whiskers was "watching us" from the kitchen window. Whiskers is a little "fluffy" (ahem) and was spilling out through the hole in the screen.
Oh, hello Whiskers. So sorry to have disturbed you.