September 12, 2009

Ahead of the Game

Do you plan your meals on the weekends to prepare for the week? I don't usually, but that's what I'm doing today. Some of the meals are tried and true, and some are new to us. Here's what we'll be having:
Breakfast Rice from this book
Romaine w/goat cheese, tomatoes, dried cherries, nuts, & apples
Wheatberry Salad (recipe courtesy of this beautiful blog)
Quinoa Salad (also from above blog)
Main Courses
Baked Salmon
Turkey and Corn Chowder w/Barley from this book again
Beef Stroganoff from Cook's Illustrated Fall Entertaining Issue
I've just finished preparing snacks :: you know :: some healthy things to munch on in between or instead of meals.
:: Roasted Pepper Hummus with Veggies ::
:: Watermelon ::
:: Apples with Smoked Gouda or Almond Butter ::
I'll let you know if our new recipes end up to be "keepers". Have a wonderful weekend - I'm off to get some cooking done.