September 10, 2009

One Hundred Percent Cotton

All washed, pressed and ready to go. These thrifted floral pillowcases were the highlight of my last excursion. They're in great shape and just so cheerful, aren't they? I adore all vintage sheets and pillowcases, but when I run across one hundred percent cotton my heart skips a beat.
So here they are, in their place of honor :: the basement guest room. It's where most of my girly vintage treasures reside. I fiddle alot in that room and it's slowly coming to life. There's thrifted hats, a purse, luggage, quilts, throws and even a few vintage coats that have been hiding in the closet. I'll show them to you one day. They're loaded with gorgeous vintage buttons. Decorating with thrifted finds is so very appealing to me.
I've started working, just temporarily, so I'll miss a few days here and there as I adjust to the change. This space and all of you are very special to me though, so I'll be sure to continue capturing the beauty in the simple things and sharing as often as I can. Thanks for stopping by!