June 28, 2012

Roadside Bounty

We laugh all over ourselves every time we travel together. Two girls, four nights, and barely an inch of packing space to spare.

The farmer's market is on the side of the road right before the bridge. Somehow we managed to squeeze in a few bags of sweet corn and peaches.  I made Heidi's Baked Oatmeal (again) and this time substituted peaches for the berries.    Delicious every time.

We're down to our last two peaches now after having made this experimental smoothie.  There's some spearmint in there, and some almond extract too.  A little tweaking's still in order.  Looks like I'll have to drink another peach smoothie.  What a shame ;)

I spotted a pint basket of these on an old table near the check out stand. They're pluots :: I think.  A combination of plum and apricot.  From what I understand, a pluot tastes more like a plum than an apricot.  If the flavor's fifty-fifty, the proper name is plumcot.