June 29, 2012

Tasteful Hydrating

There was a time when, if you opened our refrigerator door, you'd see soda.  Lots of soda.  That was before we fully understood the connection between what we put in our body and our state of health.  We're certainly not perfect, and the coffee addiction rears it's ugly head at times, but water is definitely the beverage of choice in our home.

A few weeks ago I threw some small frozen strawberries (about a cup) and one sprig of spearmint (crunched a little to release the oils) into a pitcher of water.  Some friends were coming over and I wanted to pretty things up a bit.  My guys drank the leftovers and said I should definitely make it again.  So I did. Yesterday.

It takes some time for the color to turn this beautiful shade of pale pink and for the flavors to mingle.  Give it an overnight or so and then remove the goodies.  It won't be hard at all to stay hydrated.  Tastefully.