June 27, 2012

Four Nights and Five Days

The streets were quiet and the sights beautiful.  Four nights and the same number of early morning walks in Cape May.  I have definitely been spoiled.

Hydrangea were the star of the show :: different colors, sizes and varieties prettying up yard after yard.  

It's impossible to take it all in.  Striped awnings, charming cottages, perfectly manicured lawns, flags blowing in the ocean breeze, umbrellas of all shapes, sizes and colors, bikes with baskets, sea gulls flying overhead, window boxes overflowing, daisies and purple coneflower, front porch rocking chairs, a roadside stand selling freshly baked clay oven bread, towels hanging over the rails, weekend homes that were made for a magazine.

Four nights away to relax and regenerate, to laugh, to plan, to splurge, to just be.  Four nights and five days so generously shared.

Happy to have those four nights and five days.  Happy to be home.