June 13, 2012

Living On The Edge A Little

My friend and I got pedicures yesterday.  It's my fourth pedicure ever. That's one per decade.  I decided to live on the edge a little and try a funky color.  I like it today when I'm standing on my dining room rug.  I didn't like it yesterday under the fluorescent lights at the Goodwill. Lighting is key with this color. Sometimes it looks fresh and fun and sometimes it looks like my toes are moldy.  

The Black-Eyed Susan vine is so happy after yesterday's rain. It's such a cheerful little annual to grow.  This one wasn't started from seed but I have a package just waiting to be planted.  The instructions say they're easy to start, fast growing, and quick to bloom.  That's good news because I'm very behind in the garden this year.