January 1, 2012

Natural Home :: Slow Changes

Tiny changes, one at a time, are happening in our home.  Almost one year ago we replaced paper towels with cloth :: just as a trial to see if it would work for us.  We haven't looked back.

When I stumbled upon this set of wool dryer balls at Laundry Tree, I hoped they would be the answer to the chemical-laden sheets we've been using for far too long.  In addition to being healthier for our family and the environment, I knew they'd make me smile with every load.  

Holiday company's given these little wool treasures quite a workout.  In fact, one guest slept for two nights with a dryer ball in her pillowcase (I was wondering what happened to number six).  She didn't complain.  

I can safely say we've made another small change in our quest for a healthier home.  No more store-bought dryer sheets for us.  These whimsical works of art are here to stay.

Wishing you peace and health in 2012.