January 4, 2012

The Wee Hours

I wake up early now.  Really early.  Like, the first number usually begins with a three.  It feels like a gift at times :: a few extra hours added to my day.

This morning was a special treat.  I hopped back in bed with my knitting and my favorite quilt.  I carry that quilt around with me.  It keeps me warm and makes me happy.  It didn't take but a minute before Butterscotch decided this was a very good idea.

This is a quick-fix project to keep my hands busy until I get to the yarn shop.  I've made a few already and love how fast and easy they are.  The yarn is super chunky and the needles large so you can do this in the movie theatre.  I know because I sometimes knit in the theatre to stay awake.  I usually fall asleep when the lights go down.  Does that happen to anyone else?

This Annie Cowl is the reason I'd like to go to the yarn shop.  It's my next knitting project.  I love the design, the texture, and the color too.  I'm on a scarf and cowl kick.  

A few minutes...a few rows...a very satisfying way to start the day.  Happy Wednesday, friends.