January 26, 2011

Paper or Cloth?

My kitchen towel of choice these days is cloth.  The transition from paper to cloth happened several months ago, sometime before Thanksgiving.  I can't say that we're a "green" household.  Really, we're far from it, but it dawned on me one day that I was grossly overusing paper towels and needed to make a change. 

Our cotton cloths sit on a pretty little vintage tray to the left of the kitchen sink.  A roll of paper resides in the cabinet below the sink and is to be used for special occasions only.  Because I like to make household rules, I made some about what constitutes a special occasion.  Paper towels can be used for cleaning up vomit and other bodily fluids (of the kitty kind) and for taking care of stink bugs. I'm sorry I said the word vomit.

I've grown quite fond of our re-usable towels and we rarely reach for paper.  What do you use in your kitchen? Paper...or cloth?


  1. So true - I made a bunch of cloth napkins this year, and we only use paper towels for grease & stuff that you don't want to clean up/wash and barley touch1! :) beautiful kitchen

  2. we use paper at the moment but once the kitchen is in I would love to change to cloth,where did you get your nicabsorbant looking pile from if you don't mind me asking:0)
    BTW<found you through Soulemama,lovely space you have here:0)

  3. Natasha - I picked these up at WalMart, thinking I'd start with something inexpensive for a little trial period. Turns out, I really like them. They may have been called bar-mop towels (but not positive about that). They are 11" x 12" after having been laundered in super hot water many times.

  4. Such a nice idea, but I'd need a huge stack. I do keep a hand towel hanging near the sink, but it would be very hard for me to make do without paper towels.


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