October 10, 2011

Mini Room Re-Do

Life's been full at our house and a sorta-kinda room re-do was part of the mix.  This is our basement guest room.  It used to look like this, but I wanted a more gender-neutral feel.  I decided to give it a bit of an Asian flair, adding a few new pieces and gathering others from my stash of accessories.  Do most people have accessory stashes or is it just me?  Linens, pillows, quilts, decorative plates, lamps, even pieces of furniture.

The bedside chest of drawers was pulled from the stash and given a quick coat of Gettysburg Grey.  I purchased it secondhand twenty-six years ago (for our son's nursery) and have painted it three times since then.  Today it seems fresh and new.  Love that. Lots of different styles are meshed together here but it feels tranquil and orderly.  That's what I was hoping for.  I never follow decorating rules, I just mix things together until it feels good to me.  That's the key :: it has to feel good.


I'm really happy with this mini re-do....but I think that little white cabinet needs some color.  Don't you?