April 25, 2010

Just Playing

Just playing a little with the nostalgic setting on my camera and also on Picnik photo editor. Picnik allows you to upload photos and add features, many of which can be done for free. That's how I enhanced the above photos :: placing them in a Polaroid frame and adding text.
My camera, a Cannon Power Shot S90, has many features I've yet to try. Today I'm fiddling with the "Nostalgic" setting which fades the colors and roughens the image, giving an aged effect. There are five levels to choose from. This is level two:
and below is level three, a little more aged:
A little bit of fun on an overcast Sunday afternoon. Hmmmmm......still pondering over window treatments and what to hang over the bed. Any suggestions? And did you notice? We kept the monster fern alive through the winter. That's no small feat given my tract record with indoor plants.