October 19, 2009

Will My Guests Be Frightened?

I purchased a fern in the springtime to spruce up our front porch. It was one of those hanging pots you can buy at any garden center. It was bright and healthy looking and of normal "hanging-pot" size. Our front porch is covered and receives the afternoon and evening sun. Ferns do very well in this location. Very...very....well. We couldn't bear to let the chilly fall weather damage this hearty fern so we've been keeping it in the exterior garage for the last couple of weeks. Yesterday hubby brought it inside. I thought it would be beautiful in the corner of the dining room :: it barely fit through the doorway. Certainly then, it would be a fabulous addition next to the buffet in our basement living area. Nope. Ever heard the saying, "There's an elephant in the room."?
So it's tucked away in the corner of our basement guestroom just as happy as can be. We'll continue to water it and next spring it will brighten up the front porch once again.
In the meantime, do you think my guests will be frightened?