July 28, 2011

This Morning

This morning I hear the sound of voices and hammering as our builder repairs the dormers on the back of our home.  I didn't realize the sky was so pretty until I saw it through the lens of my camera.  Sometimes we just need a fresh new perspective.

This morning the perennials were in desperate need of a little deadheading so I've been snipping, pinching, bagging and sweeping.  Snip, pinch, bag, sweep...snip, pinch, bag, sweep.  I love the repetition and serenity of this work first thing in the morning when the birds are chirping.

These coneflower were new to us last year.  They're called Tomato Soup and they make me think of grilled cheese sandwiches.  Grilled cheese (always sliced on the diagonal) and creamy tomato soup made by my mom with love.

This morning I got a little wild and crazy with my breakfast yogurt.  A dollop of thinned organic peanut butter on top made it extra delicious.  I'd highly recommend it.

This morning I decided that the red polka-dotted stool from the potting shed belongs in the kitchen.  I need it to reach the cabinet high above the fridge...and I love touches of red...and polka dots make me smile.

This morning  the jalapeño peppers from the garden turned into these.  It's a summer tradition that friends and family look forward to.  The poppers without bacon are for non-meat eaters.  They'll get a squirt of barbecue sauce for added flavor.

This morning I'm pondering over a future sewing project.  I bought this book quite some time ago and haven't made a single thing yet.  I love the idea of pairing beautiful fabric with a pattern that's customized to me.  And yet...I have serious garment-sewing angst.