August 21, 2011

Addition To Our Family

On a lovely day in August our family of three loaded up the car and drove four hours in anticipation of a very special occasion.  

We couldn't have chosen better weather if we'd created it ourselves.  The sky was brilliant blue, the sun was shining, and a very gentle breeze was in the air.

Friends and family dressed in their fanciest clothing and gathered to show support.

Two best friends made a commitment to each other and hubby and I gained a beautiful daughter.

Amidst the formality there was lighthearted fun...and a little romance too.

For the last year or so this bride's been keeping a very guarded secret surrounding the design of her wedding gown.  Try as we might to make her spill the beans, she never faltered.  I found this site that allows you to create the gown of your dreams.  She and I had great fun one day  (and lots of laughs too) as we designed three wedding dresses that I thought might possibly look just like the real thing.  As you can see from the photos above, I completely missed the mark (on purpose of course).

The real dress was stunning and the bride and groom made an absolutely gorgeous pair. And now we're a family of four.