August 24, 2011

Settling Into Normal

It's been an unusual summer in our neck of the woods :: a very rainy spring followed by one long heat wave and unrelenting drought.  Keeping the gardens happy has been challenging. I'd have to say we've done a mediocre job.  At some point in the season I decided it was O.K. to "let it go".  Letting go isn't one of my strengths.  I'm working through it though, re-directing the negative chatter that bullies me and pressures me to strive for perfection.  I'm trying to be kinder to myself.  I think I'm making progress.

We're all settling into normal once again, now that the wedding is behind us.  The kids were given an amazing gift :: a honeymoon in a beautiful Cancun resort.  They're home now and back to work.  Now the marriage begins.  Their home is an hour from ours and you can take the highway or the back way.  The highway allows for more speed and is a tad bit quicker,  but the scenery isn't spectacular.  The back way consists of windy roads, beautiful views, and two thrift shops to browse through.  Can you guess which route I prefer?

We took a little trip on Sunday to fill up the honeymooner's fridge before they returned home.  Two old enamel pots were just waiting for us in one of the thrift shops along the way.  So glad we went the back way instead of the highway.  :)

Several of my very loyal readers asked nicely to see our wedding attire.  Below is a photo of hubby and I (in the center) and four of our dearest friends.  I should note that all of the wedding photos were generously provided by loved ones.