July 23, 2011

Good Morning

What are you up to on this Saturday morning?  We were out in the early hours, getting some exercise and tending to our plants.  Everything's thirsty and looking a little ragged from the heat (not just the plants...us too).

Hubby and I are feeling a tad bit out of sorts today.  You see, we've been enjoying a weekend ritual for the last seven years and it's about to come to an end.  Did you know all of the Borders stores are closing their doors?  In the planning stages of building our home, we'd spend an afternoon each weekend in the cafe with a pile of books and magazines. We'd browse and share ideas and just enjoy slowing down for a bit.  It's become a weekend tradition we both look forward to.  Today we will have our last hurrah.

I'm spending lots of time in the kitchen these days :: re-organizing some things and trying a few new recipes.  This morning I made Kalamata Olive Hummus to have on hand for weekend snacking.  

If you like bread with your hummus, you might try these baked pita chips.  I made them once before, using whole wheat pitas.  Really good.  Happy Weekend friends.