June 4, 2011

Three Hours to Spare

I spent the morning on our front porch sewing binding on the quilt.  I think that's my favorite part of quilt making :: the peaceful rhythm of sewing by hand.

This quilt is very simple, just twelve log cabin squares.  It's fairly quiet and subtle on the front so I kicked it up a notch on the back.  It's patchworky (I made up that word), just pieces of fabric from my stash that seemed to look nice together. 

Other than quilting, I didn't get much accomplished this week.  There were moments when I wasn't sure I'd make the deadline :: party's today and we're leaving at three o'clock.  I rearranged priorities each morning and a shower wasn't always at the top of the list.  I'm happy to report that I finished with three hours to spare.  Remind me not to start a quilt the week before a party ever again.  

Did you notice the super-cute binder clips?  They were a gift and they work like a charm for holding the corners in place.  They even match the quilt.  Love that :)

I have so many garden photos to share.  I thought sometime soon I'd show you what we put in containers.  We tried some new combinations.  Some are working and some aren't.  

The finished quilt's in the dryer right now.  It'll be nice and warm and crinkly when I take it out.  I love that part too.  I really love that part.