June 6, 2011

Quilted :: Laundered :: Delivered

So this is the finished quilt.  I decided to do straight-line quilting (by machine) due to time constraints and I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

I'm enjoying writing this post and seeing all of the photos.  They look so peaceful and tranquil, don't they?  I'm soaking it all in because reality is that it appears a bomb went off in my sewing room.  Tending to that is at the top of my priority list today.  

I used a new-to-me batting between the layers of this quilt and it turned out extra-crinkly. I'm finding I prefer a very thin batting with lots of drape.  This was nice.  Flannel is nice too.

Hubby always encourages me to label my quilts.  I don't always do that but I'm trying to be better.  This time I used a Pigma pen to write directly on the quilt.  I learned this method from a lady in our quilt guild.  After laundering, the message was faded ~ maybe the ink wasn't quite dry.

This quilt now belongs to one of the nicest young girls on the face of this earth who's headed to college very soon.  I hope she feels loved and knows she is missed whenever she snuggles beneath it.