May 11, 2011

Window Re-Do

 I don't always get it right the first time.  Especially when it comes to dressing windows.  As I've mentioned before, I'm challenged when it comes to window treatments.

Our Keeping Room (where the kitchen table is) has two large double windows, one on either side.  The windows were naked until a couple of months ago when I fell in love with these curtains.  They fit right in with our color scheme and gave the room a soft, romantic feel.  Unfortunately, they weren't functional for the space.

At times, the sun shines through these windows so brightly we consider wearing eye protection.  I thought long and hard about adding blinds, but in the end, plantation shutters  won again.  Ahhh....plantations shutters.  They're a no-brainer.  They're crisp and classic, they preserve the view, they look like they're part of the house, and they're perfect for filtering light.  It's a completely different look now and not quite as warm, but it's functional and I'm happy.

Oh, and the front doors got dressed too.  Simple shades that can disappear during the day and provide a little coverage at night.  

Sure beats the thrifted white sheets and painters' tape.  :)