February 17, 2011

Window Dressing

It took me five years to decide on window coverings for our home.  I'm seriously challenged in that area.  The important windows were dressed with plantation shutters shortly after moving in, but that was easy.  After a few decisions (color, slat size, etc.) and a quick sign on the dotted line, the bedrooms and bathrooms were good to go.  The remaining windows have been neglected for five years.  We've been living in a fishbowl.

I'm usually able to visualize quite easily when it comes to decorating my home.  Most often, I know exactly what I want even before I've seen it.  But window treatments?  They throw me for a loop.

I knew for sure I wanted something light and airy and nothing too ornate.  I'd know it when I saw it, the perfect curtain for my tall and slender windows.  The problem was....I wasn't seeing it.  Not in catalogs, not in the stores, not even when I searched online.  Until I found these.

They're light and airy and a tad bit feminine.  They provide privacy while still allowing light to filter into the room.  They're plain but pretty and they even have a bit of vintage flair.  I fell in love with these curtains the moment I saw them.  

After five years, the windows finally got dressed.

Today I'm smiling  because...                                               
it's February and the temperature's in the sixties :)     

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