May 13, 2011

Boys are Great

Hubby and I raised one child who happened to be a boy.  During the pregnancy, a healthy baby was my only concern.  Honestly.  When this boy was born it was love at first sight.

Our life has been full of fun and adventure while raising this precious human being and I never once wished that he'd been anyone other than exactly who he is.  We're welcoming a daughter soon, one specifically chosen for us by our son.  We couldn't be happier.   

There's a wedding shower tomorrow and I've been busy putting together a special gift for the bride.  Rachel and I share a love of cupcakes.  We like to bake them and we like to eat them too.  So, my gift to this lovely bride is a collection of everything one might need while spending an afternoon in the kitchen baking cupcakes.  

Boys are great....but I'm sure enjoying the notion of officially having a girl in the family soon.

My Favorite Cupcakes (Again)

Rachel's Favorite Cupcakes

Other Cupcake Inspiration