May 18, 2011

Gardening Simplified

In our garden, the cool weather plants are in full swing.  We've had an abundance of rain lately and everything is lush and green.

Spinach has been planted in the strawberry patch (they're good companions according to this book), and Morning Glory seeds are just beginning to sprout.

There are two types of lettuce :: Red-Leaf and Buttercrunch.  I've been harvesting the entire head and a second growth has already begun.  Tonight we had a mixture of the two tossed with pine nuts, apples, feta cheese and dried cranberries.  

I'm a little behind right now, as we have an entire 4'x8' section of the garden just waiting for some radishes, beets, basil, and a few other seeds to be sown.  My time has been needed for other things and I'll get to the planting just as soon as I can.

Swiss Chard and Kale is coming right along, and I'll be adding them to my morning smoothies soon.  Growing greens is, without a doubt, one of my gardening joys.

For Mother's Day I gave my mom a salad box so she could grow some greens without having to get down on her hands and knees.  She planted lettuce and radish seeds last week and already they're starting to grow.

If you're not familiar with the salad box and salad table, you can visit the Maryland Extension Service website to learn more and get instructions for building your own.  Also, there's a ten-minute video featuring the salad box and salad table here.

Happy Gardening!