May 18, 2011

This Will Make You Smile

There was a reprieve from the rain this evening so a little weeding in the garden was in order.  Plants are exploding and need to be thinned.

I noticed the Poppies standing tall, gearing up for their beautiful blooms.  The Bellflower's taken over and I'm worried it's already choked out some of my other perennials.  Darn.  I think I'm just a tad late.

I started pulling Bellflower out by the handful, allowing its neighbors to breathe a bit.  It's a tedious job, being so careful not to disturb the Poppies.

I wouldn't finish this evening, but the air was crisp and cool and I was enjoying a bit of time in my garden.  Gently shifting Poppy leaves to one side, I uncovered the most beautiful miracle of nature.  A perfect little nest carefully placed by Mama.  It's nestled and hidden and contains at least two baby birds.  They're brand new and one egg has yet to hatch.

Bellflower in full bloom last Spring
Hubby grabbed the camera and we quickly snapped a few photos. Mama's out looking for worms, I'm sure.  While she's away, these little creatures will be safe and sound all covered up with Poppies and Bellflower.  The weeding and thinning can wait.  These babies have some growing to do.