May 23, 2011

Haphazard Thoughts on Monday

The Sunny Yellow Knockout roses are blooming now.  This time of year the color is so scrumptious.  As warmer weather approaches, this plant's performance will begin to decline.  The blooms fade to a dirty-white and production decreases significantly.  Every year hubby and I say we're going to move our two Sunny Yellows out of the potager garden.  We never do.

 I recently began reading this food blog and purchased her two cookbooks.  If you're a cookbookie like me (I believe I made this word up :: it means one who reads cookbooks for pleasure) you'll fall in love with her writing.  The paper quality is lovely too. Tomorrow I'm going to try Baked Oatmeal and Kale Salad.  I'll let you know how we like them.

This photo makes me smile.  I'm a sucker for tissue paper decorations and the steeple in the background was a happy surprise.  It was taken downtown.

Hubby and I've decided we are not Gruyere cheese fans.  We find it to be rather bland and it costs a small fortune.  I'm wondering what a good substitute would be.

If you're not familiar with this little guy, he's a stink bug.  He and many of his friends have been invading our home.  They are everywhere and I'm not very happy about that.

I am happy about these morning glory seedlings that were planted just last week.  If you look closely you can see them in the photo below.  By mid-summer they'll be climbing the obelisk and providing a beautiful assortment of color.

Happy Monday friends.