September 7, 2009

Would You Like To See?

**A vintage post from years past**

We've been working on a special project.  Would you like to see?  Grab a glass of iced tea (or wine if you'd rather) and follow me. I've got some things to show you.


If you've been reading for a while, you've probably seen the outside of our garden shed. Today I'm going to show you the inside. Here's how it looked this time last year:


Since then, hubby's been working hard. He hung beadboard, installed trim, painted, and finished the floor. I got to do the fun part. You'll see. Are you ready to go inside?

Let's just peek in the door first.....

Some flowers to welcome you. They came from the garden.

Our little garden shed has a sink so I can arrange cut flowers before taking them into the house.

And a work table next to the sink. I got that at a flea market and it fits perfectly.

The plates and the paper towel holder are thrifted, and the mirror came from my mom and dad's basement.

The sun streaming in looks so pretty this morning, doesn't it?

There's a little red chair in the corner. I threw an apron on it just for fun. Once we get our hooks installed, I'll probably hang some more. I love vintage aprons.

This dresser is a family piece, and the quilt was made from one of my favorite vintage pillowcases. I think I'll keep tools and seeds and things in the dresser drawers.

Do you remember the fan? Another thrift find. I knew just where it would live.

The sled, the bench and the basket all came from my mom and dad over the years. I've been holding on to them knowing one day we'd find the perfect home for them.

My mom gave me this embroidered picture too.  She loves to take me shopping in her basement.  It's full of treasures she no longer uses and they're absolutely free!

I'm testing out a little curtain here. It's held in place with masking tape. I'm still pondering over it. Always a work in progress.

We're almost finished.  In this corner we have shelving to hold pots and vases and maybe some tablecloths and candles sometime down the road.

There's still some fiddling to do. We'll be ordering a light fixture and looking for a little indoor/outdoor throw rug for the floor. And who knows? I may even find some more thrifted treasures that are destined to live here. But for now, I love it just the way it is.

Didn't hubby do an amazing job? He's nice to have around.


  1. WOW!!!! That is sooo beautiful. I can think of so many ways to thoroughly enjoy your wonderful space. Lucky girl!!!

  2. Laura - it's gorgeous. What a wonderful space to put around in - truly an extension of your garden space. Enjoy!

  3. Popping over to say hello for the "Blog Party"! this is a gorgeous setting! i host a garden party on Thursday's & would love to have you come by to peek around or even link up?!? hope to see you sometime! xoox, tracie

  4. Laura, This is an amazing space! What a great job you and your husband have done. Gorgeous!
    Thank you so much for sharing this at my Summer Entertaining party. I don't see a Follower button so I hae subscribed via email.


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