September 5, 2009

The Trials and Tribulations of Cat Hair

If you have cats, you know what I mean. Cat's everywhere.....all the time. It's something we've learned to manage. We vacuum ALOT.
The rooms with ceiling fans are easier to maintain. The breeze just sweeps all that fur into little dustbunnies that we pick up whenever we walk by. The furniture is protected by throws and crocheted afghans that I've picked up here and there while thrifting. The tricky part is moving them around as the kitties discover new favorite spots to lounge. Have you ever heard of shaving your cats? I have a neighbor who does just that. Fur would definitely fly if I tried that on my pets.
I'm not complaining about the upkeep. It's a fact of life when you choose to love those little creatures. That said, I'll try just about any product that claims to ease the maintenance. That's where the Furminator comes in. My friend tried it on her dogs and recommended it to me. Gee, if she had her own blog she could be telling us about it ;) This tool really works. I was extra careful and gentle when brushing my kitties since their skin is very thin and sensitive. The photo above shows the results of one brushing session. I went six days without vacuuming this week just to see how long I could stand it. Normally two is the max. I purchased my Furminator, brand new in the package, on ebay. It was less than half the price that way. It's a great thing. Less vacuuming equals more quilting.


  1. There's a woman on the GW cooking forum who used to give her cats serious hair cuts. Seeing the pics always gave me the creeps. I'd rather comb and brush. Living with hair is just part of the package. I use lint rollers everywhere.

  2. Yes, lint rollers definitely come in handy! The photos are so funny. Monty looks a little angry.


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