September 27, 2009

Thinking Ahead

I'm thinking ahead for gift ideas as I fiddle in my sewing room. A spa basket came to mind after making the lavender eye pillows. Maybe the basket would include a collection of luxury items for winding down and pampering. I used this tutorial to make a neck and shoulder heat wrap, but filled it a little differently. For the filling, I followed these instructions that were written by a nurse who makes hospital-approved microwave heat bags for her patients.
The filling happens to be feed corn. My local feed and seed store carries a fifty pound bag that has been screened and sifted several times for extra cleanliness. For eight dollars or so I can fill a lot of bags.
It's super simple to make :: just a plain insert that is segmented into five sections and a pretty little slipcover that can easily be removed for laundering. I tested it out on my grandmother and she loved it. We decided to make it a couple of inches longer on each end next time, but that was just our preference. This could be made in all different shapes and sizes to fit little people too. It can even go in the freezer to be used for bumps and bruises.
So, I was thinking that a neck wrap, a lavender eye pillow, a beautifully fragrant candle and a nice natural bar of soap, all packaged up in a pretty basket would make a very special gift for a loved one. Do you agree?