September 24, 2009

Cleaning Up

We've been working on our garden areas :: pulling up tired annuals and trimming back perennials that have done their part for the season. It's refreshing in a way, to clean up some of the messiness and to view the simplicity of what's left behind. The Globe Amarynth in the photo above still have such a beautiful vibrant color even after living in the sun all summer. I think they'll look fantastic paired with the yellow yarrow that's drying in the shed. The lavender has finished blooming for the seocnd time. What a joy it's been to watch it grow, to dry it and then to use in sachets this season. Little by little we're emptying the pots and cleaning them up for winter storage. They'll hang out in the potting shed until spring when they'll be filled up again.
Kale and spring mix seedlings are growing in the potager garden. I definitely sprinkled way too many seeds so they'll need to be thinned. This is my first attempt at fall vegetable planting so I'm excited to see how it all turns out.
And look who's still going strong and standing proud :: Kim's Knee High Coneflowers :: they always make me smile.