September 28, 2009

Readying The Winter Coats

I've been spray painting again. This time it's reproduction glass doorknobs made to use as hooks. They were on sale here (looks like they've sold out now) and I bought ten of them. I didn't particularly care for the gold so I chose to spray them with a black hammered finish that turned out just as I had hoped.
Hubby installed them for me in our basement guestroom. It's the room that's slowly evolving as I bring home thrifted treasures. I knew these hooks would be just perfect for holding some vintage ladies coats that I've been storing. I haven't stumbled across any old wooden hangers yet, so you'll have to overlook the plastic and imagine that they're hanging on something very charming.
How fun is that?
The blue coat is in perfect condition. It's my favorite. The pink coat was purchased for it's buttons, but I think I'll leave it hanging with the others for now. And the green one? I just couldn't leave it behind. Isn't that a pretty button? It's large, has lots of neat texture, and is just the nicest shade of soft pink.
Another fun project completed.


  1. Lovely collection of coats. I love to look at the coats while have found some treasures.
    I am sooo happy to know that someone else purchases things just for the buttons!! I love buttons...and vintage buttons are the best! I was actually thinking of organizing a button swap among the crafty ladies of the blogging world...would that be something you would be interested in?!?!

  2. Oh...and I forgot to say that the doorknobs look fabulous!!!

  3. A button swap sounds like great fun to me. I'll join in for sure.

    And thanks for the doorknob love :)


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