January 29, 2013

One Thing Led to Another

One thing led to another today and I found myself working in the garden in the middle of winter.

It started out as an ordinary Tuesday. A few morning chores, my one cup of coffee with homemade almond milk, and out the door to run errands.  My mom and I are crafting with the ladies tomorrow and we needed a punch to use with the super-cute paper I found last week. We're making garland and valentines.

I happened to notice how beautiful the weather was and could hardly wait to get home and take a walk around the yard with my camera.  It's fun to find bits of color tucked here and there, and the stationary garden life makes me smile.

The garden looked a little unkept.  Apparently I neglected to do a final cleanup before hunkering down for the winter.  Snip snip, rake rake. Much better.  A hefty rabbit scurried out from under the thyme.  I believe he's been munching on spinach, kale and mustard greens.  I'll bet he has a very strong immune system.

A few sprigs of gorgeous rosemary found their way into the house. Those crackers were SO yummy last week.  Another batch will be very nice.  We'll have them with our leftover chicken stew tonight.

One thing led to another and it turned out to be a spontaneously scattered, peaceful, and oh so beautiful day.  Happy Tuesday, Friends.